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SIN is a fashion brand launched by Sara Iskander Naguib. Born with an observant eye, Sara Iskander seeks to get inspired by all her surroundings including all what females can relate to; from movies, unusual objects and sculptures, to nature and history. These inspirations are reflected in designs that are executed with quality. SIN’s designs always maintain a unique combination of sharp lines, bold colors and fabrics that only add to your appeal as a feminine figure and ensure you always stand out from the crowd. At SIN, we go the extra mile to understand your likings, your body type and your preferences to come up with the perfect dress for you whether it’s your own wedding or a special occasion. If you like to wear edgy designs that bring out the sexy female side of you, then definitely SIN should be your choice!

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Black Dress with Feathers

31415 $235.64


Black Dress with Feathers on Shoulders

25620 $192.15

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