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Founded in April 2018 by Egyptian artist Norhan Selim and her partner Laila Abdelkerim, SELISSAS; a portmanteau of Norhan's last two names, Selim and Issa, is a sister brand to TRINITY DESIGNS.

It is a Cairo-based online store that features handcrafted jewelry for the bold and feminine.

Each piece, created by a mixture of unbalanced and chaotic metals, tells the story of the different hardships that women go through in their lives. The first collection, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, is a series of pieces that are perfect representations of how women truly struggle. Not only do they show the struggles and burdens that women carry with them, but also they encourage women to wear their scars with pride.

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SELISSA'S Gold 2nd Heartbreak Cuff

  • Weight 18GR
  • Height 2.5cm
  • Width 5cm
  • Diameter 5.5cm

SELISSA'S Gold 3rd Heartbreak Ring

  •  Weight 4.5GR
  •  Height 3.5cm
  •  Width 3cm
  •  Diameter 2cm

SELISSA'S Gold Adaptation Earring

  • Weidth 10GR
  • Height 7cm
  • Depth 5cm

SELISSA'S Gold Teardrop Earring

  • A textured earring shaped like a massive teardrop to resemble the strength and beauty that come with pain.
  • Weight 21gr
  • Height 7cm
  • Width 6.5cm
  • 925 sterling silver, dipped in 18k gold

SELISSA'S Hammered Revival Earring

  • Weight 22GR
  • Height 5cm
  • Depth 5.5cm 



SELISSA'S Silver 3rd Heartbreak Ring

  • Weight 4.5GR
  • Height 3.5cm
  • Width 3cm
  • Diameter 2cm

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